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Revitalizing Healthcare Operations for Optimal Efficiency

Leverage the power of automation and unified solutions to alleviate productivity issues and enable your team to focus on delivering high-quality healthcare.

Our value add
User-centric Digitization & Automation

The healthcare and Life Sciences industry faces a myriad of challenges in its daily operations. They must adhere to stringent quality & compliance rules, have visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, and ensure reconciliation between inventory and stock while ensuring the best possible service is provisioned to customers. To add to these woes, revenue leakage and sales forecasting are also constant challenges.

Accellor empowers healthcare and Life Sciences providers to digitize operations & provide data-driven automation solution to address productivity issues and improve efficiency.

  • Sales Agreements
    Automate the sales agreement process. Empower sales representatives to manage field inventory and provide real-time insights into products, prices, and discounts based on the agreed contracts with customers.
  • CPQ
    Reduce company costs, increase collaboration between healthcare providers, hospitals, and patients, and improve the overall patient experience with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Empower sales teams to sell the right products faster and more effectively.
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
    Eliminate the complexity involved in the contract lifecycle management process with the help of digitization and automation. Ensure seamless compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and JCAHO.
  • Application Integration
    Enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and automate the sales journey from Opportunity to Contract. Improve demand planning effectiveness and inventory planning by integrating disparate applications.
  • Mobile Applications – Telehealth Services
    Build healthcare apps to reimagine patient experience and allow patients to connect with healthcare professionals, payers, and pharmacies through telehealth services.
  • Analytics - AI/ML
    Leverage patient data to analyze and identify new patterns and use them to improve the diagnosis and management of various health issues. Leverage the power of AI/ML to build a predictive model for inventory management.
  • MedTech
    Transform the selling experience by taking it virtually. Accelerate growth, improve engagement, and deliver better results through intelligent, actionable insights.
  • Provider - Hospitals
    Take patient relationships to the next level with a fully integrated engagement platform. Leverage the 360-degree view of patient data to personalize their care and empower agents and contact centers to deliver betterservices to patients.
  • Payer - Insurance
    Get a complete view of patients and offer them a personalized experience. Eliminate inefficiencies and siloes across systems and provide patients with the right information to regain their trust.
  • Salesforce Suite - Health Cloud
    Salesforce’s Health Cloud helps the healthcare industry gain a holistic view of the patient to deliver meaningful engagement. It provides industry-specific solutions to help healthcare providers, payers, and MedTech providean enhanced patient experience.
  • MobiCure
    Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create a unified patient care platform that helps with scheduling, telehealth, prescription, and condition management. Build a patient-centric, holistic health tech ecosystem with centralizeddata and cross-functional metrics.
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