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Digital Continuum Framework

The Accellor Digital Continuum framework establishes a goal-aware transformation process that takes into consideration a client’s technology maturity, business goals, customer-centricity, and time-to-market factors to deliver a continuous transformation program.

Modern Day Enterprises
Today, every business is a customer-centric business—the availability of tools, data, and real-time peer influence puts the customer in a commanding position. Both B2B and B2C customers seek stellar experiences, prompt engagement, and seamless enablement in their work-life scenarios.
Accellor believes Digital Transformation is a journey and not a point of execution.
The Accellor Digital Continuum framework is a unique, 3-part engagement path that helps customers in their transformation journeys—from their stated goals to maturity levels that are relevant to their business at every stage.
Digital Transition

Designed to help clients leverage and optimize their existing investments in technology

Accellor's Digital Continuum framework involves performing assessments to identify end goals, transformation goals and need for transformation. These assessments allow us to embark on a process of Digital Transition—where we help clients move from silos to an integrated and seamless business process evolution. This transition removes existing process frictions and allows more real-time exchange of data and insights.

First steps
  • End goals and how they would be valuable at the point of time
  • Transformation goals and issues that would impact the process
  • Comprehensive discovery process to understand the need for transformation
  • Silo-ed applications to SaaS applications
  • Web-based to Mobile-first business engagement
  • On-premise environments to hybrid-cloud

These modernization programs help clients accelerate their transformation to becoming a customer-centric enterprise.

Digital Transformation

Continously aware of customer end-goals, and using goal aware methodologies, we help customers move closer to the goals

We do this by:

  • Expanding the enterprise to include sensors, smart devices, and real-time data streaming
  • Leveraging data-driven analytics for decision-making and risk-mitigation
  • Enforcing a dynamic security ecosystem that is constantly aware yet invisible during customer engagement
  • From one-size-fits-all to customer-centric process modernization
  • From silo-ed business units to goal-centric synergistic teams
  • From slow, legacy establishments to real-time, engaged brands for customers, employees, and partners
Digital Automation

Empower customers to maximize efficiency as their business processes mature

As customers embrace a data-first model of decision-making, the continous loop accelerates their transformation journeys based on their speed-to-market decisions and risk appetite.

Digital Automation allows for efficient process automation where risks of data corruption are low and employee time is released for more mission-critical tasks.

By leveraging low-code/no-code applications, enterprises can automate many tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and time-to-response. The Accellor Digital Continuum establishes the Digital Automation environment by:

  • Ensuring governance including security, privacy, and risk mitigation
  • Identifying automation candidates
  • Coordinating with IT and business to decide between DPA, RPA or a dedicated cloud service
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