Field Sales Automation

Elevate Sales Efficiency

Overcome challenges in your field sales operations, from inventory management and stock reconciliation to ordering refills and purchase order requisitions. Harness the power of Accellor's Field Sales Automation solution tailored for Medical Device organizations.

Digitizing Operations
Tailored on Industry Expertise

Accellor's Field Sales Automation solution for RPO/Trunk Stock Management of Medical Device Organisations equips field sales personnel with a set of modern applications & integrated processes, enabled through Salesforce & Mobile Applications.

Our comprehensive solution digitizes end-to-end field sales and service processes, enhancing efficiency, boosting employee productivity, and liberating valuable time for field sales personnel to focus on higher-value tasks

  • Inventory assignment & distribution
  • Stock reconciliation (contracted vs used vs replenished)
  • Transfer of stock (rep-to-rep)
  • Integration to ERP for order fulfilment, logistics, and revenue recognition

Complex functionality that is addressed includes:

  • Inventory Management – tracking usage, replenishment, field sales travel stock, consignment stock, loaner/transfer stock
  • Lot tracking – serialized inventory, lot expiration, etc.
  • Commerce – pricing list & contracted pricing, purchase order generation for delta stock, multi-catalog inventory
  • Real-time reconciliation dashboard – Expected vs current inventory, ERP integration, CRM integration
  • Internationalization of global locations
  • Stock assignment & reconciliation
    The solution allows for enhanced stock assignment & reconciliation, eliminating errors arising during this process and provides a real-time view of inventory information across customer locations, field sales personnel, and warehouses.
  • Elimination of paper-based processes & manual steps
    The solutions replaces paper-based processes & manual steps with the required features & processes integrated within digital application itself, improving efficiency of the overall process & reducing manual errors that are made during these processes.
  • Device-free integrated mobile app
    The mobile-based application allows for field sales personnel to scan the barcode of products & perform stock reconciliation & associated activities from a single application, eliminating need for external devices like a handheld scanner, etc.
  • Offline sync
    The solution comes with an offline sync functionality to an account for loss of connectivity, like when the field sales person is reconciling stock at hospital warehouses that might be in the basement of a building
  • Sync with CRM
    All transactions, acknowledgements & reports created, viewed or accessed remain in sync with Salesforce

Key benefits

The integrated platform for field operations allows for increased operational efficiency, accuracy & cost-effectiveness. This holistic approach positively impacts various facets of operational workflow, from inventory management to customer interactions:

  • Single integrated application
    Teams can access a unified platform, streamlining their workflow by having a single application for various tasks. This centralization simplifies interactions and minimizes the need to switch between multiple tools.
  • Reduced errors & increased efficiency
    Integration reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur when data is manually transferred between different systems. This, in turn, boosts overall operational efficiency as tasks are completed with greater accuracy and speed.
  • Elimination of hardware scanners & manual steps
    The integrated platform removes the reliance on external hardware scanners and minimizes manual steps in data entry. This reduces the need for additional devices, and also cuts down on time-consuming manual processes.
  • More effective demand, stock & inventory planning
    By leveraging a comprehensive system, teams can enhance their capabilities in demand forecasting and inventory management. Real-time data accessibility allows for more accurate planning, ensuring that stock levels align with demand.
  • Enhanced customer invoicing & stock replenishment processes
    The integrated platform facilitates smoother customer invoicing processes and enables proactive stock replenishment. This leads to improved customer satisfaction as stock is always available, and invoicing is streamlined.
  • Reduced cost of operations
    The elimination of redundant processes, manual tasks, and the need for additional hardware contributes to a reduction in operational costs. This cost-effectiveness is a direct result of increased efficiency and streamlined workflows.
  • More efficient systems management
    The integrated system serves as both a System of Engagement and a System of Record, providing a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of field operations. This efficiency extends to the overall management of systems and processes.
  • Reduced aging stock
    Improved demand forecasting and inventory planning help in minimizing aging stock issues. The integrated system ensures that stock levels are aligned with actual demand, reducing the likelihood of excess inventory becoming obsolete.
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