Airline crm

Gain better insight into your customers

Bring your customer and enterprise-facing services — including reservation, boarding pass, check-in, proactive notifications, loyalty programs enrollment and management, FAQs, baggage tracking, advanced assistance, and advanced customer analytics — into a single touchpoint.

Enhancing Experiences
Encompassing every function

Accellor helps implement the Airline CRM solution to empower your organization to understand traveler behavior and enhance sales, marketing, and customer service functions to increase customer satisfaction.

Manage reservations, customer and payment profiles, flight status notifications, and customer service requests on a single platform. Take advantage of an integrated process for disruption management and rebooking scenarios using tools like Passenger Recovery Management. Leverage integrated Chatbots that can be launched instantly across messaging platforms — including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kiki, Viber, Web Chat, or on a Mobile App. Import data and keep information up-to-date without hassle.

  • Omichannel
    Quickly deploy on various channels over the web, chatbot, mobile, and call center — from Skype to Cortana and Facebook Messenger. Seamlessly integrate into any messaging platform, web, or mobile.
  • Customer Profile
    Get a comprehensive real-time view of customer information, including an overview (name, contact, address, reservation, and booking details) and advanced profile (loyalty tier, flight status, disruptions, and so on).
  • FAQs
    Enable fast resolution of FAQs and complex queries — including baggage allowance, insurance, tracking, special assistance, routes, and in-flight entertainment through an extensive Knowledge Base.
  • Customer Insights & Analytics
    Get a comprehensive view of customer information, loyalty, booking habits, cases, etc. Glean advanced insights and analytics from real-time data and interactive dashboards.
  • Reservation Management
    Enable connected digital journeys and end-to-end reservation management for the customer — from booking to purchase, boarding pass generation, check-in, proactive notifications, and disruption assistance.
  • Disruption Management
    Provide airport agents (floating agents) with real-time, automated notification on flight connections, rebooking, and relevant passenger data to proactively manage disruptions and alleviate long lines at ticket counters.
  • Promotions & Campaigns
    Take advantage of Marketing Campaigns personalized by route, seasonal travel, and class of service; Partner Promotions for credit cards, hotel, car rentals, and other travel partners; Pre-Travel Promotions including buy-on-boardservices, additional luggage, and premium seats.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
    Quickly implement Frequent Flier programs, seat upgrades, reactivate and redeem miles, membership validity, and progress.
  • Service Assurance
    Enable quicker service, shorter lines, and faster resolution of cases.
  • PNR Management
    Reservation and PNR management, Changes and Cancellation policies, and invoice management.
  • Check-in and boarding pass
    Quickly and efficiently manage advance check-in, seat selection, and boarding pass generation.
  • Proactive notifications
    Automated notifications for check-in, flight status, among others, to facilitate a smooth experience.
  • Compatibility and Case Management
    Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bespoke CRM, and Custom Apps.
  • Handle pre & post-booking scenarios
    Provide customers with a seamless journey — from check-in, in-flight entertainment, and baggage tracking.
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