Care Delivery Solution

Optimize Care Provision with a Unified Approach to Care Delivery & Management  

Revolutionize care provision and management through a comprehensive end-to-end integrated platform, spanning the entire spectrum of patient interaction, from referrals to care delivery. Harness the power of Accellor's Salesforce-based solution to elevate your Care Home and Care Delivery operations, prioritizing an enriched experience for patients, families, care staff, and business leaders. This transformational approach maintains a steadfast commitment to quality and compliance reporting standards.

Integrated Platform
Enabling Care Delivery at your fingertips

Accellor’s Care Delivery Solution, crafted on the Salesforce platform, adeptly manages the nuanced aspects of care provision and delivery. Drawing from our rich industry experience and technical proficiency, Accellor's solution facilitates seamless care delivery and management through a unified platform, while combining the CRM capabilities of Salesforce.

  • Lead & referral management
    Effectively qualify, manage, and advance leads and patient referrals from initial inquiry through conversion and onboarding. Employ digital processes at various stages, including initial assessment, proposal and quote generation, contract management, and onboarding, to streamline and enhance the efficiency of these processes.
  • Care management
    Efficiently create, monitor, and coordinate personalized care plans for patients. Establish and assign care teams and tasks, including the management of medications. Schedule specialist consultations seamlessly—all within a single, integrated platform
  • Care team management
    Facilitate the onboarding and management of care teams and their members. Assign patients and tasks efficiently while monitoring ongoing professional development—all within a centralized platform.
  • Digitized assessments & reviews
    Digitally record assessments and reviews. Capture, track, and manage complaints, feedback, compliments, near-misses, and critical incidents digitally. Take proactive measures by promptly addressing and acting upon this information, all within an integrated system.
  • Audit & compliance
    Ensure data protection with a highly secure system featuring comprehensive traceability for all actions. Customize and configure additional compliance-related activities to meet specific organizational requirements.
  • Dashboard & reports
    Tailor your dashboards and reports to meet compliance, audit, and business needs with a high degree of customization. Implement automated report generation for standard compliance requirements, streamlining the reporting process.
  • Patient portal
    Empower patients and their families by providing access to their care plans and allowing them to monitor progress. Enable access to relevant knowledge articles related to the patient's care plan. Facilitate digital capabilities for requesting assessments, scheduling appointments, and providing feedback, promoting a collaborative and patient-centric approach
  • Care gaps
    Swiftly identify and address care gaps with customizable alerts and notifications for missed and pending tasks. Enhance proactive management by leveraging a system that ensures timely responses and interventions.
  • Patient 360
    Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of the patient, including details of needs, medications, care plans, communications, interactions, feedback, and reviews—all conveniently accessible within a single platform and view.
  • EHR integration
    Facilitate seamless and secure integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enabling the seamless flow of patient data between systems. Provide care providers with complete visibility into the patient's medical history, enhancing the overall continuity of care.
  • Real-time visibility
    Proactively monitor and track tasks, enabling care managers to plan upcoming activities effectively. Take swift action on pending tasks by reassigning them to appropriate team members for efficient task management

Key benefits

  • Efficiency & coordination
    Streamlined tasks assignment & tracking enhances efficiency in care delivery, reducing delays. Improved coordination among care teams ensures a holistic approach to patient care.
  • Comprehensive patient information
    360-degree view of the patient provides a comprehensive view of patient – medical history, care plan, medications, communication history – allowing for quicker decision-making.
  • Enhanced patient engagement
    Patient portal and digital tools empower patients to actively participate in their care, access information, and communicate with their care teams
  • Reduced errors & improved safety
    Access to real-time data as well as centralized care incidents tracking allows for teams to identify gaps & act upon them.
  • Regulatory compliance
    Automated compliance tracking and reporting features assist in meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining high-quality standards
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