Intelligent Automation

Enhance efficiency & streamline operations using Intelligent Automation

Leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to oversee, manage, and automate your business processes. Accellor's Intelligent Automation solution employs advanced AI and deep-data analysis, systematically enhancing operational efficiency by imbuing digital systems with human-like decision-making capabilities.  

This solution replaces mundane and repeatable processes, ensuring efficient, error-free 24x7 operations. The outcome is the liberation of human hours, which can now be redirected towards higher value-add activities.

Liberate Users
Control, Run & Automate

Accellor’s Intelligent Automation solution is designed to capture pockets of productivity and efficiency by automating business processes that traditionally involve manual work, repetitive tasks, and rule-based approval flows. This results in enhanced efficiency and substantial cost savings. The solution employs an agile incremental approach, utilizing data analysis to identify automation opportunities. Utilizing clean data as a foundation, the solution implements AI functionality to achieve additional gains and efficiencies.

Accellor's Intelligent Automation solution transformed a manual, time-consuming invoice generation process for a medical device company. By using AI to identify emails, extract purchase order numbers, match them with ERP data, and automate invoice generation, the process was streamlined from 4-12 hours to just 0.5-2 hours. The team now focuses on exceptional cases, maximizing efficiency during peak volumes, such as month-end close.

  • Data sources
    The solution has the capability to accommodate multiple data sources, enabling organizations to seamlessly work with diverse data types, whether structured or unstructured
  • AI-based field identification
    Tailored to specific use cases, the solution can undergo training to recognize fields from diverse sources, such as emails, scanned handwritten notes, and machine-generated files. These trained AI models then facilitate the automated identification of pertinent data from input sources, streamlining the uploading of values into the solution.
  • Rules-based configuration
    The solution's workflows are configurable according to business rules, enabling the elimination of manual steps and establishing a streamlined process for faster processing.
  • Human-in-loop
    The solution enables a human-in-the-loop approach, starting with specialists reviewing all cases, and progressively incorporating AI to handle routine cases, leaving human intervention exclusively for exceptional scenarios.
  • Integrate disparate systems
    The solution facilitates seamless interaction and hand-offs between disparate systems, linking them to create a unified end-to-end process. This capability enables the handling of complex processes through a single, integrated solution.

Key benefits

Accellor’s Intelligent Automation solution departs from conventional RPA by integrating AI to introduce an intelligence layer, facilitating Intelligence-led Process Automation. Beyond the standard advantages of RPA, this solution empowers the training of AI models to identify pertinent data from diverse sources, leading to expedited processing, heightened efficiency, and reduced reliance on human effort.

  • Improved efficiency
    The solution minimizes manual steps, enhances processing times, and through integration with multiple systems, eliminates the need for swivel chair operations, leading to an overall improvement in process efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
    By automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual work, the solution liberates time for users to concentrate on other strategically significant tasks and initiatives, thereby enhancing overall productivity
  • Minimizes errors
    By minimizing human effort and intervention, the solution reduces the occurrence of manual errors in the process, enhancing efficiency and saving costs associated with task redoing
  • Accelerates processes
    Through the reduction of manual steps, elimination of swivel chair operations, and the automation of time-consuming repetitive tasks, the solution enables faster completion of processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings
  • Streamline complex processes
    Empowered to manage multiple data sources and facilitate integration between various systems, the solution requires human intervention solely for exceptions. This capability enables the streamlining of complex processes, which can now be efficiently handled end-to-end within a single solution
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