Digital enablement for pioneering medical tech company Avail Medsystems

Avail Medsystems produces remote proctoring and collaboration technology for medical professionals. Through video conferencing and a set of sophisticated features like viewing inputs from multiple cameras side by side on split screens, the ability to annotate, and freeze frames, Avail creates a seamless experience of ‘working together’ for both the remote user and treating physician. This technology can be used for teaching, assisting, and demonstrating medical procedures without the need to for the observers to be in the same room as the surgeon or medical practitioner.

As they geared up to start operations, Avail needed a partner to help establish business support functions for sales and post-sales. The intent was to start off with high operational efficiency through streamlined processes that were robust enough to handle rapid scaling to meet the business projections.


Over a period of a mere 6 weeks, we collaborated with Avail’s business stakeholders to conceptualize and define processes, articulate flow, and implement systems for field operations, sales and customer support. We leveraged the Salesforce platform to provide a 360˚ view of the business, while integrating seamlessly with third-party lead generation software from Definitive Systems and Avail’s own backend applications. Now, Avail can effectively manage field operations with device installation across multiple locations, and single view scheduling, tracking and coordination of field personnel. We provided a unified view of the customer from initial interaction to installation, an integrated and automated sales journey from opportunity to contract, and a single view of business KPIs and performance through rich reports and powerful management dashboards.


• Fast-tracked phase 1 implementation in 6 weeks• Fully equipped Avail with all digital processes and systems necessary for operational efficiency and streamlined functioning• Seamlessly integrated third-party software and Avail’s backend IT• Customer 360 – efficient and engaging customer service through customer empowerment and single view of the customer• Implementing Field Ops – easier and more efficient tracking, management, and scheduling of field ops personnel• Provided robust digital systems to support rapid scalingHelped build a roadmap for the future and provided support for ongoing work

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