AI Chat for Enterprises

Empowering Efficiency, Saving Time, and Enhancing Accuracy: Elevate Your Enterprise with Conversational Intelligence

Harness the power of Generative AI to optimize time-consuming processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Leveraging OpenAI and Microsoft technologies, Accellor’s AI Chat for Enterprises enables users to pose queries, receiving tailored responses based on input source data, complete with citations for reference

Leveraging GenAI
Create Next-gen Operations

In industry-specific business processes, tasks often involve reviewing diverse documents such as handwritten, scanned, and machine-generated files. Accurate capture of relevant information from these documents is crucial, as it directly impacts downstream applications and processing.  

Accellor’s AI Chat for Enterprises utilizes advanced Generative AI capabilities to deliver precise summarizations and responses to user queries. The AI models can read data from various sources, including handwritten notes, scanned documents, machine-generated content, images, and more, ensuring accuracy in the extracted information, with citations provided for the input source data.

  • Various data source support
    The solution provides support for diverse data sources, whether structured or unstructured, encompassing documents, images, and more. This enables enterprises to seamlessly access information from various sources, retrieving the necessary data for downstream business processes without the need for manual intervention.
  • Citations
    The solution enhances transparency by offering citations for responses to user queries. This empowers users to refer to and validate the provided information, enabling them to make informed decisions about the accuracy and reliability of the response.
  • Training model
    Users have the flexibility to leverage OpenAI's existing Language Model (LLM) or customize the training model to align with their specific business needs. This is particularly beneficial for organizations wishing to utilize proprietary data instead of standard datasets.
  • Industry-standard use cases
    The solution seamlessly addresses industry-standard use cases while providing customizable options to align with specific business requirements. This enables organizations to swiftly unlock and harness the value of the solution to meet their unique needs.

Key benefits

Accellor’s AI Chat for Enterprises empowers organizations to enable their employees, customers, and partners to harness the power of AI for enhanced process efficiencies, cost savings, and reduced effort. The seamless experience provided by the solution allows for scalability, making it adaptable to various business functions.

  • Maximising efficiency
    Our solution reduces manual steps and optimizes processing times, contributing to a significant enhancement in overall process efficiency
  • Accelerates processes
    By minimizing manual steps and consolidating data source reviews, our solution accelerates process completion, delivering substantial time and cost savings
  • Respond to complex queries
    Our solution seamlessly reviews diverse information sources to provide users with responses to complex queries. This eliminates the time-consuming task of manually reviewing multiple sources, offering a swift and efficient solution
  • Enhanced productivity
    By automating manual tasks, the solution frees up time for users to focus on other critical tasks and initiatives, driving overall productivity to new heights
  • Enhanced user experience
    Our conversational interface not only provides prompt responses to user queries but also engages in follow-ups, delivering a human-like experience and elevating overall user satisfaction.
  • Error free operations
    Our solution minimizes human effort and intervention, effectively reducing the occurrence of manual errors in the process
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