Enterprise Applications

Bring complex usecases to life and seamlessly enable your employees, customers, and partners.

We help maximize the value of your investments in Enterprise application platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Whether it is a new implementation/migration, maintenance of an existing platform or major functionality enhancements; the Accellor team is equipped with solution accelerators, functional and technical knowledge, and a focused approach to adoption and change management.

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Our value add
Our approach to Enteprise Applications Development

In our approach, understanding requirements — data, processes, users, and systems — is the initial crucial step. We gather insights from stakeholders, existing documents, or systems, incorporating industry blueprints, our experience, and our knowledge of the platform's out-of-the-box functionality.

The subsequent stage involves application design, emphasizing User Experience, Data Integrity, and the balance between Configure and Customize. We collaborate with key stakeholders to craft an optimal design, validating concepts through wireframes or quick prototyping.

Our agile development methodology, characterized by extensive stakeholder collaboration, ensures that delivered functionality aligns with or exceeds expectations. Lastly, guided by a data-first mindset, we focus on building applications that measure KPIs and leverage AI for actionable insights, that can be leveraged to recommend next best action in customer-facing processes, provide personalized offers, or for fraud detection.  

  • Implementation and migration
    Rely on Accellor's experts to strategize and execute new implementations or migrations, customizing them to align with your evolving business needs and ensuring a seamless transition. Benefit from our solution accelerators to streamline implementation processes, enhancing efficiency.
  • Maintenance and support
    Utilize our expertise for continuous maintenance and support services, ensuring seamless and efficient platform operations, allowing your team to concentrate on strategically vital initiatives.
  • Industry-specific functionality implementation
    Utilize our industry expertise and solution accelerators to seamlessly implement industry-specific functionality or enhance existing features tailored to meet unique industry use cases.
  • Application integration
    Collaborate with us to enable effortless communication within your application ecosystem through platform integration. Ensure a seamless flow of data between applications, fostering enhanced efficiency, streamlined workflows, and improved data consistency. Develop a more agile and responsive organizational infrastructure by minimizing manual effort and enhancing connectivity between systems—all while upholding strong security and privacy measures.
  • Health checks & evaluation
    Harness Accellor’s technical & functional proficiency, combined with extensive industry experience, to conduct a comprehensive review of your implementation to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, leading to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and an elevated user experience, among other valuable benefits.
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