Harmonize your customer data for overall efficiency

Eliminate inaccuracies in your customer data resulting from rapid growth, M&A activities, outdated processes, and a lack of a proper data strategy. Our solution creates a singular, accurate version of your customer data, adaptable to changing demands. Beyond accuracy, benefits include an enriched customer experience, improved regulatory compliance reporting, resolution of revenue leakages, and enhanced customer retention.

Golden Customer Records
Tackle Customer Data Inconsistency

Accellor's CustomerSync solution is meticulously crafted to efficiently handle customer updates from various subscribed data sources. It operates by creating an interim copy, following preconfigured rules, and subsequently routing for approval in exceptional cases. Approved changes are seamlessly merged into the base copy of the customer. This process guarantees that despite multiple alterations, the foundational copy remains consistently updated and accurate, ensuring data integrity throughout the system.

Our solution tackles the root cause of multiple customer record entries, integrating Customer Mastering capabilities directly within the CRM system. This ensures a clean and consistent customer version from initial creation to ongoing business interactions, providing a seamless and unified customer management experience

  • Data sources
    The solution supports various data sources empowering enterprises to leverage their various types of data sources to create & maintain a golden record.
  • Source matching engine
    The sophisticated source matching engine ensures attribute-value configuration is maintained.
  • Configurable
    The logic for data matching can be configured based on rules, allowing for organisations to customize rules based on their requirements.
  • High capacity
    The solution can handle high volume updates, allowing for organisations to process the updates without any downtime needed.
  • Multi-integration support
    Enable connected digital journeys and end-to-end reservation management for the customer — from booking to purchase, boarding pass generation, check-in, proactive notifications, and disruption assistance.
  • Downstream applications sync
    The solutions allows for the customer records to be synced with downstream applications ensuring the clean data is propagated within the system.
  • Audit trail
    Full information of all versions of customer copies received is stored.
  • Approval process history
    History of all interim copies created & routed through approval process is maintained.
  • Real-time sync
    The solution has an ability to stream customer updates for updating downstream applications, ensuring a real-time or close to real-time sync of customer records across various applications.

Key benefits

Accellor's CustomerSync solution distinguishes itself from comparable alternatives targeting the creation of a 'golden' record. Unlike People-powered solutions requiring high effort and offering high accuracy, Data-powered solutions with medium effort, cost, and accuracy, and full-scale MDM solutions demanding medium effort and high cost but delivering low accuracy, our solution strikes a unique balance between effort, cost, and accuracy.

  • Improved Data Collection
    Enable optimized data collection through the data management framework, bringing in accuracy & cost savings
  • 360-degree view of customer
    Attain a comprehensive view of your customers, empowering your business with holistic insights for personalized engagement & strategic decision-making.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Provide targeted enhancements & personalized services to elevate customer satisfaction, fostering lasting relationships & loyalty
  • Single Source of Truth for Customer Data
    A single source of truth is established for the customer data at the source, CRM, that propagates within the system, ensuring accuracy & consistency across the entire enterprise.
  • Better Compliance
    Enhance regulatory adherence & compliance by reporting using accurate data, ensuring a higher standard of governance & risk management for your business
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