Accellor’s Technology Ecosystem

Strategic Partnering Ecosystem of technology leaders to deliver impactful outcomes

We engage in strategic partnerships with technology leaders to deliver substantial and meaningful outcomes. Combining the strength of our partner solutions with our technical expertise and experience, we empower our customers to attain their business objectives. Our approach focuses on leveraging our data-first mindset to provide impactful user experiences and introduce process efficiencies, ensuring a holistic and successful collaboration.

Strategic Partners

Accellor is a trusted partner of Salesforce, drawing on our vast experience and expertise within the Salesforce ecosystem to provide valuable assistance to clients. Our emphasis is on aiding organizations in creating end-to-end experiences, utilizing out-of-the-box capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence. We work towards establishing a unified platform that spans Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Experience, and Operations.


Accellor's proficiency within the Microsoft ecosystem allows us to assist customers in crafting data-driven applications. Whether it's enterprise solutions or tailored applications, we leverage the diverse capabilities offered by Microsoft Technologies to create innovative and effective solutions.

Ecosystem Partners
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