Gilead Sciences: Workforce Productivity

Gilead Sciences is a leading biotechnology company which specializes in antiviral and pulmonary drugs. With more than 7,000 full-time employees, productivity and employee interaction efficiency have become increasingly important to the operations of the business. Gilead turned to Accellor to develop a mobile presence and interaction solution that would help meet these goals of communication and collaboration. Accellor developed a central employee mobility solution that allows for Gilead Sciences employees to save a huge amount of time and effort involved in finding people, contacting and collaborating with them.

Using our intuitive app interface, employees are able to find each other by browsing departments, functions, roles, or by simply searching for someone they want to contact.The results provide a single window for making an internal organization connection, getting contact details, checking availability and communicating via enterprise messaging and email. Cool features like scan a meeting room, or book a resource make life easier for all involved. A lot simpler and faster than your Company Address Book!


The mobile solution is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory. Updates to status, availability and contact details flow between the app and the enterprise communications backend instantly and work the other way around as well.


Collaboration assets, like meeting rooms, equipment, facilities, and locations are neatly tied in, to provide a single unified employee interaction interface. This means savings in time and effort involved in finding, contacting and collaborating with stakeholders within the organization. An elegant solution to everyday employee interactions.

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