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Revolutionize Returns

Transform your business through intelligent returns management, designed for end-to-end efficiency catering to B2B, B2C and hybrid environments. Accellor’s solution understands & addresses the unique challenges of each business & powers the next generation of Reverse Logistics with Artificial Intelligence.

With B2B manufacturers typically allocating 9-15% of their revenue for return expenses, and 30% of all online orders resulted in returns with some of these deemed fraudulent, a dedicated returns management system is essential for an organisation as it brings a connected journey from return to finish into reality.  

Built on Salesforce
Tailor made for returns management

Accellor’s Intelligent Returns Management solution streamlines returns, policies, logistics, inspection and helps manage how customer can initiate a return. This modern solution moves beyond traditional systems, disjointed point systems, spreadsheets and manual processes and utilizes the power of Salesforce for end-to-end return processing.

  • Return policy management
    Effectively administer and customize return policies to align with business objectives​
  • Return initiation & inspection
    Manage customer-initiated returns and support inspections to verify product condition adherence to return policies.​
  • Digital return merchandize authorization
    Systematically administer the issuance, tracking, and resolution of Return Merchandise Authorizations​
  • Self-service capability
    Empower customer to independently initiate, track, and manage returns through a user-friendly interface​
  • Intelligent business specific workflows
    Customize and automate return processes based on specific return types and unique business needs​
  • Hassle-free integration
    Seamlessly incorporate with existing systems to ensure a smooth and efficient integration process, minimizing disruptions and complexities.​
  • Data management
    Organize, store, and process data related to returns, ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with privacy and regulatory standards.​
  • Future ready platform
    Built on Salesforce, the platform is ready to leverage AI, Predictive Analytics, IoT Data and much more.
  • Salesforce ecosystem
    Embedded in Salesforce ecosystem, the solution incorporates the best features of Salesforce including scalability & support for multi-channel integration, easy-to-use & user-friendly interface and flexible data mapping, and allows for seamless integration with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with existing ERP & CRM systems

Key benefits

  • Seamless scalability
    Our system seamlessly scales to meet growing business demands, ensuring continued operational excellence.
  • Cost-effective processing
    The solution is anticipated to reduce operational costs by 15-25% through streamlined processes, with the potential for further decreases through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Returns, refurbishment & resale
    Efficient processing of returns not only enables the refurbishment and resale of products but also introduces an additional revenue stream for the organization. This approach aligns with the principles of the circular economy, aiding organizations in achieving their sustainability goals.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction & retention
    The solution has enhanced overall customer satisfaction scores by 15-25% due to faster and more transparent returns processes, fostering loyalty and positive brand perception. Additionally, it has contributed to an improvement in customer retention rates by 20-30%.
  • Operational efficiency
    The solution can lead to a remarkable reduction in return processing times by 30-40%. Further enhancements through automation and the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) can further reduce these times.
  • Environment impact
    By implementing optimized and effective processes, the estimated reduction in the carbon footprint is 10-15%. This contributes significantly to organizations achieving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.
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