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Deliver intelligence-led tenant experiences, improve customer satisfaction, increase sales effectiveness, and maximize revenue opportunities.

Our value add
Optimizing user satisfaction & efficiency

Real estate consumer expectations have changed. They want more digitally-enabled, seamless, and convenient experiences. For real estate companies, this is an opportunity to create new revenue streams and maximize returns on their property investments. With the right partner, you can leverage modern technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Accellor helps real estate companies to implement solutions that can help them meet the new-age demands of customers while ensuring maximum profit.

  • Connected Buildings
    Enable the next generation of intelligent and sustainable buildings. Leverage modern technologies — such as IoT-linked cameras, beacons, and sensors — to derive actionable insights about how tenants use the property. Deliverconcepts like HVAC personalization, energy optimization, air quality management, and enhanced safety and well-being of users and residents.
  • Tenant Experience
    Deliver outstanding experiences for digitally savvy tenants. Harmonize the physical aspects and digital elements of the building through cutting-edge software platforms to enable convenient building access and amenity usage, seamless visitor management, and easy parking. Ensure customer loyalty by transforming how people experience their visits and stay in your buildings.
  • Property Management
    Queue, prioritize, and handle service requests faster and more efficiently. Help your agents provide the best possible assistance and resolve common requests quickly with a thorough, effective, and accessible knowledge base. Automate the warranty management process and assist agents in providing effective and suitable service to customers.
  • Sales Effectiveness
    Improve your lead-to-deal process. By bringing the power of Salesforce to sales operations, Accellor helps you achieve process efficiencies, improve pipeline management, automate administrative tasks, drive conversion rates,optimize sales team productivity, and maximize opportunity closures.
  • Pricing and Quoting
    Effortlessly and accurately manage your pricing and quoting operations at scale. Leverage an easy-to-use centralized system with embedded business logic and flexible change management options to achieve scalability and higher efficiencies and enable your teams to roll out consistent and accurate quotes.
  • Customer Service
    Digitally transform your customer service operations. Take advantage of a powerful centralized customer service solution to get a 360-degree view of the customer, enable seamless collaboration across departments, and automate self-service options for customers. Achieve faster issue resolution, leading to satisfied and loyal customers.
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