Mobility for first responders

American Medical Response, Inc. (AMR) is a medical transportation company in the United States. Catering to 3 million emergency and non-emergency patient transports in 40 states each year, AMR employs more than 18,000 paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, nurses, doctors and support staff. Working in some of the most high pressure situations possible, AMRs first responders needed a mobility solution that would improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their work, while simplifying their processes and reducing their reporting overheads. Accellor developed a single end to end iPad based solution that allows AMRs First Responders the ability to collect information, lookup and refer medical records, find recommended treatments and submit their field reports.

Regulation and good practice require that meticulous records be maintained of all activities engaged in by a response unit. The systems that support AMR operations represent a complete ecosystem ranging from 911 dispatch coordination, vehicle management, crew management, patient records, to health care provider and insurance agency integration. Accellor undertook the development of the field facing mobility app and its integration into the AMR backend.


Visible and unobtrusive validations are at the core of the design strategy. Users can spot the errors in their forms without the annoyance of interfering alerts. The navigation adds grace to the app by providing options to go by, a pre-defined flow or staggered to enter information as and when it is attained on incident site. The form elements reduce typing and use tap to select options to reduce the time taken to record observations.


All elements of emergency response including the procedures, workforce, patient, medicine, insurance, and process rules were brought together on an iPad providing first responders with one single data collection and reporting touchpoint. The app integrates into a backend with over 40 different systems from 911 dispatch, hospitals and care providers, social security, police and law enforcement, and insurance providers.The solution from Accellor needed to be life critical, with no room for system or user error and provide multiple levels of resilience and redundancy. The app mimics the typical approach and workflow of a first responder, whilst allowing the responder to take any path to completion of the task. The solution provides extensive caching and asynchronous data transmission capabilities to withstand unreliable networks and be resilient to the uncertain usage flows. With more than one paramedic on site, the data can be exchanged and synced between devices just as paramedics would share tasks in real-world scenarios.

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