Enterprise Data Product & Strategy

Unleash data as your ultimate product

Effortlessly integrate your data from multiple sources to forge a comprehensive data product comprising of golden records, versatile for activities such as analytics, report generation, AI model training, and informed decision-making by business stakeholders.

Golden Records
Build & exploit Unified Data

Accellor's enterprise data product and strategy enables you to source & process data stored across various business units within your organisation including from legacy systems & derive value from it, creating a Unified Data post transformation.  

The solution stands apart from conventional Master Data Management (MDM) solutions by incorporating an additional layer of Data Governance. This ensures that only pertinent stakeholders are empowered to make crucial decisions, enhancing precision and accountability in your data management approach.  

Accellor's Enterprise Data Product & Strategy solution is tailored to transcend industry boundaries, providing organizations and stakeholders with robust tools and infrastructure to unlock the full potential of their data. Designed to seamlessly scale and accommodate the evolving data needs of any industry, this solution ensures that you stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, maintaining competitiveness and efficiency in a dynamic landscape.

  • Data integration & unification
    Seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources into a central repository. Eliminate data silos and ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Connector eco system
    A connector set that offers more than 30 connectors to securely brings in data from various data silos for processing.
  • Collaboration and data sharing
    Enable secure data sharing and collaboration among various stakeholders. Accelerate innovation and knowledge exchange within the industry-specific community.
  • Data quality and governance
    Maintain data quality and consistency by implementing data validation and governance processes. Ensure compliance with industry-specific data privacy regulations.
  • Real-time data processing
    Process data in real-time, enabling organisations to make informed decisions at the speed, and support critical applications.
  • Predictive analytics
    Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning models to predict future trends & outcomes, and resource needs.
  • Efficient data storage and retrieval
    Store and retrieve data efficiently using scalable and cost-effective data storage solutions. Reduce operational costs while ensuring high availability and data durability.
  • Data visualization and reporting
    Create customizable, interactive dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights to business users & stakeholders. Enhance decision-making, resource allocation, and quality control.
  • Data security and privacy
    Implement state-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive patient data from breaches and cyber threats. Enforce role-based access control and encryption for data at rest and in transit.
  • Data migration and legacy system integration
    Seamlessly migrate data from legacy systems to modern data platforms without disrupting daily operations. Integrate innovative technologies and methodologies with existing infrastructure.

Key benefits

Accellor’s Enterprise Data Product & Strategy has a data product as the outcome, that comprises of “golden” records and is a unified view of data. This product can be used as the base by businesses to build applications & processes that help them achieve their innovation & business goals.

  • Centralized view
    The solutions allows for a centralized view of the enterprise data to be built, which is consistent across all stakeholders, allowing them to make appropriate business decisions
  • Dashboards
    Build intelligent dashboards for Sales, Operations, Inventory Management, etc for the organisations reducing days of engineering effort to hours
  • Build custom machine learning models
    Easily build & train your ML models based on your requirements, with clean training data, ensuring high efficiency of the ML models
  • Quick launch of marketing campaigns
    Launch marketing campaigns for outreach, engagement and branding, among others, with ease, with the dependency being eased out as the data can be tailored quickly based on the needs
  • Quantified data
    Solution allows for business units to leverage the quantified data, to build downstream applications and/or reports & dashboards that can help improve decision making, operate efficiently, and save costs, among other benefits
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