Enabling the 24/7 digital concierge for a Las Vegas hotel

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas stands as a luxurious oasis amidst the dazzling lights and energy of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Its distinctive architecture features vertical multi-towers, offering unparalleled views of the cityscape. Further, the Cosmopolitan offers VIP access, exclusive rewards through the Identity Membership and Rewards program, and a 24/7 digital concierge named Rose. Whether you’re sipping cocktails during Cocktail Hour or marvelling at the city lights, this hotel promises an unforgettable Las Vegas experience.

Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas has a vibrant, witty, and mischievous digital concierge called Rose.  Rose had been created using a bot platform which is being sunset.  The need was to re-architect Rose on a modern, future-ready, and scalable platform.​The objective was to provide all the functionality available and enhance functional or technical architecture wherever possible.


Accellor built a powerful AI-driven bot solution based on Microsoft Bot framework and Azure ML to replace the existing bot. ​It allowed for The Cosmopolitan to provide an immersive and engaging experience while positively impacting the guest experience right from check-in to post departure via Rose, which is available via SMS messaging, Facebook messenger and Cosmopolitan’s website. Rose provides guests with useful, relevant & timely information including room ready and other notifications, and dining recommendations, as well as enable guests to order & request room service.​The bot solution also enabled a hand-off to a human in case of complex queries and allows The Cosmopolitan to run marketing campaigns through Rose.​


The bot solution powering Rose handles about 50k-70k engagements per month, with about 90% of the conversations handled by the bot, reducing the load on the front desk. About 40% of the users were highly engaged with the solution. The CTR for marketing campaigns sent through Rose is over 10% and increasing.

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