LifeBank: Connecting Nearby Blood Donors

The World Health Organization reports that over 50% of global blood donation happens in high income countries, meaning that countries with 82% of the world's population suffer a chronic shortage of blood. A big problem in collecting blood is getting volunteer donors to donate regularly or when the need arises. The LifeBank app connects individuals and communities with health organizations and blood banks to alleviate this problem through the innovative use of mobile and social media. Our LifeBank mobile application helps connect recipients and donors in local communities and cities, helping people get essential life-saving help when they need it the most.

The LifeBank App is a complete ecosystem in itself. Using location technology and social networks, the app connects potential donors with needy recipients. The app lists registered hospitals and blood banks so blood donations can be made safely, conveniently and quickly. By focusing on local areas, we are able to bring the cause of blood donation into communities and convey the personal and urgent nature of requests. A simple initiative, executed well can make a difference!


Nothing beats social media in spreading the message, and the LifeBank app relies on our community of donors and recipients to spread the good word. Whether it is for a person in need, or simply to make others aware of a good case.


LifeBank's social features encourage users to share the stories of those of who need blood and of those who stepped up to help.

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