Gift Registry At Your Fingertips

Hudson's Bay Company is North America's oldest and Canada's most iconic retailer. Operating a chain of 90 department stores, Hudson's Bay provides a comprehensive gift registry service for everything from weddings and baby showers, to housewarmings and dorm life celebrations. With the rise of mobile commerce, Hudson's Bay turned to Accellor to help mobilize their gift registry offering, and we delivered - a complete gift registry solution using apps on iOS and Android, used by hosts and guests alike.

In a few simple touches of a smartphone, Hudson's Bay customers can set up a gift registry for their event, create their wishlists from over 4,000,000 products, select their preferred stores and invite their guests to view the registry. Powerful personalization features let the host make their gift registry unique and personal with photographs and messages.


Guests are notified of the new registry and using the same mobile app as the host can access, view and interact with the registry. Finding the right gift is simple; search for a product, or filter by category, brand, or price. A powerful recommendation engine provides ideas in the context of the user's search. Suggestions for complimentary items, sets of products and special promotions are packaged beautifully into this elegant app.


With over 4 million SKUs, we needed to make sure we're fully integrated with Hudson's Bay's online and store channels, pricing engines, and their inventory. In the background, the app solution orchestrates between multiple backend systems to make sure users always have the latest and most accurate information on products.When we design and build apps, we don't just do it a specification; we do it with the future of business in mind. Hudson's Bay's amazing retail stores are great place for hosts and guests to shop, and we wanted the mobile app to compliment that experience. The app comes ready to integrate with Beacons and Estimotes, so users can easily find items on the registry in physical stores as well. Making a purchase in store, no problem; just use the app and all will be updated.

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