Enabling modernized reporting for a large retailer

With over 2300 dedicated stores across North America and Europe, Claire’s is a well-known American retailer specializing in accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, and ear piercings. Established in 1961, the organisation has grown both organically and inorganically over the years to become one of the top retailers in the world.

Due to rapid expansion, Claire's encountered varying levels of maturity in data storage and processing capabilities across stores, regional offices, and headquarters. The data sources were disparate, disconnected, localized and existing in isolated silos, leading to inefficient reporting and a lack of comprehensive visibility at the enterprise level across different aspects. Identifying trends, assessing store and product performance, and evaluating campaign effectiveness, among others were became increasingly difficult.

Recognizing the need for a proactive approach, Claire's implemented a strategic initiative to integrate legacy, archived and contemporary data from diverse sources into distinct, functionality-specific domains. These domains were designed to establish a solid foundation for comprehensive reporting.

Given the operational context, the team faced significant challenges in retrieving and reconciling data from disparate sources across various locations. Establishing an efficient process for streamlined data access and transfer posed a challenge for the team to manage effectively.


Accellor, leveraging the extensive experience in handling diverse and complex implementations, was assigned the task of streamlining the implementation process. With a goal to establish a mechanism that ensures a close-to-real-time data view across all domains, we worked collaboratively with internal stakeholders and external vendors to successfully orchestrate the end-to-end process. This included reconciling data from various sources, segregating it into defined domains, and implementing mechanisms to achieve a real-time data sync between the domains and data sources.

In collaboration with internal stakeholders, Accellor actively participated in defining and establishing reporting requirements, generating reports, and managing access controls. Additionally, we set up processes to ensure timely reporting and promptly highlight any deviations from the established norms.


By streamlining data reconciliation and implementing a close-to-real-time data sync across diverse domains, Accellor enabled Claire's to establish a foundation for modernized reporting. The executive team now accesses enterprise-wide reports across key metrics, such as sales, marketing, and operations. This informed decision-making directly impacts revenues, operational costs, and profits. Store managers utilize the reporting for in-depth reviews of store and product performance, aiding decisions on inventory, promotions, and product placement. With streamlined implementation processes, Claire's team can now prioritize strategic initiatives.

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