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Evolving continuously for ongoing relevance and competitiveness

We believe that constant innovation is key to staying relevant and competitive. We exist to guide innovative companies like yours throughout the transformation journey and beyond, making your organization future-proof and future-ready.

Our work spans the breadth of your enterprise — from customers to employees and operations. We simplify and optimize internal and external processes and strengthen your business potential.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Before we offer solutions, we actively listen to your questions and concerns. We conscientiously evaluate your current environment, processes, and challenges to ensure we provide you with the right mix of solutions and services.


Girish and Samvit have worked together for a long time and over the last 3 decades, they have gained experience across a range of industries and geographies. In 2011, they were itching to explore a concept on their own and build something that they were passionate about. That concept was PopcornApps — born at a time when the adoption of Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Applications was just starting to see an uptick in core enterprise business scenarios.

While the company has evolved a great deal since 2011, our core principles remain the same. In 2022, PopcornApps went through a rebranding and Accellor was born!

Accellor reflects our growth, expanded services, and our commitment to delivering a broader range of offerings to our customers.  With Data and AI being seen as disruptors, Accellor’s approach to Digital Transformation has always incorporated a ‘data-first’ mindset.  We fundamentally believe that every Enterprise should use their data as a strategic asset.

The team at Accellor is always eager to learn, focused on the job at hand, and always curious about where the pieces they build may fit into the bigger picture.

In Samvit’s words, “Success to us is a customer reference. We strive to do better every day to earn and retain the trust of customers”.


Accelerate your transformation journey. Realize each milestone to the fullest.

Accellor believes in Digital Transformation as a journey of continuous evolution. External forces (competition, market dynamics, expansion, etc.) and internal forces (change in vision, budgets, process friction, etc.) will constantly compel you to transform your business. Only by innovating your processes, platforms, and people can you respond accordingly to the demands of these forces.

  • Frictionless Transition
    Accellor helps you transition seamlessly from legacy to more advanced, scalable, and agile platforms or environments to cater to the latest demands. Our team assists you in determining the right approach, solutions, and other resources necessary to transition smoothly and realize immediate benefits.
  • Data-Driven Transformation
    Accellor enables you to make the most of your migration by helping your organization adapt to your new cloud environment. Our team helps promote, implement, and manage innovation using people-centric, data-driven, and security-first digital transformation strategies so that all stakeholders can join in, embrace, and benefit from the transformation.
  • Process-Aligned, Context-Aware Automation
    Accellor helps you map your legacy processes and determine which can be automated (or further automated) to achieve your specific outcomes and goals. Whether automation is a part of a large-scale transformation project or an independent innovation initiative, we will ensure that you use the appropriate platform to achieve your desired outcomes.
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