Helping renters find their perfect home, the Love to Rent way

Love to Rent is a UK-based property business that specializes in marketing purpose-built rental-only developments. Love to Rent only markets homes from reputable, governed and committed property developer partners that provide quality homes and management.

Finding a home is no mean feat, and in cities like London, the variables of commuting, schooling, lifestyle and locality can get quite bewildering. When Love to Rent first reached out to Accellor, it already had a clear vision about disrupting the traditional property search market: and that was to focus on connecting renters to the lifestyle choices offered by premium build-to-rent housing developments. What they needed was someone who understood the real-estate business with the expertise and skill to build something truly amazing.


Accellor identified five key principles that would achieve the Love to Rent vision:

  • Put the renter, not the home, at the centre of the Love to Rent experience
  • Deliver engaging search experiences based on renter profile and lifestyle choices.
  • Enable property developers to directly manage their listing lifecycle
  • Design to allow one touch scale-on-demand with low touch maintenance
  • Automate to keep the manual process overhead to bare minimum
  • We created enterprise scale by leveraging the components and unmatched interoperability of the Salesforce ecosystem to power the end-to-end solution.


Through our solution, managing properties and tracking data became easier and more efficient for Love to Rent:

  • Convenient landing pages and dynamic content drive conversion through Pardot
  • Seamless access to data and more efficient management of properties through Heroku Connect, which keeps the website and Salesforce perfectly in sync, and Partner Community Portal
  • RESpace provides full ARI (Availability, Rate, and Inventory) capability from within Salesforce, where property data can be managed.
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