Streamlining partner onboarding for one of the world's largest fashion retailers

Claire’s is an American retailer specializing in accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, and ear piercings for tweens, teens, and young girls aged 3-18. In addition to operating over 2300 dedicated flagship stores across 17 countries in North America and Europe, Claire's merchandise is also available in selected retail stores worldwide.

To expand their reach and presence, Claire’s initiated partnerships with prominent national and international general merchandise retailers globally, extending their product offerings through these stores. Currently collaborating with approximately 10 retailers, Claire's is in the process of onboarding additional partners.  

However, as each partner employs different systems and technologies for inventory, sales, and other processes, the onboarding process varies. This necessitates careful coordination between Claire’s and their partners' teams to assess, analyze, and integrate systems, ensuring consistent data formats for seamless and accurate information exchange. Managing this intricate and time-consuming process detracts from the potential of Claire’s teams to engage in more impactful strategic tasks that could contribute to revenue and business growth.


Drawing on our extensive experience in handling diverse and complex integrations and implementations, Accellor assumed responsibility for managing the partner onboarding process, streamlining it through our wealth of expertise. We implemented best practices, ensuring partners onboard swiftly within specified timelines. Our engagement included collaborating with Claire’s and their partners' relevant teams to identify integration requirements, manage implementation schedules, and conduct testing. Additionally, we established best practices for secure file transfers between Claire’s and their partners. Accellor proactively addressed and swiftly resolved any ongoing issues related to integrations and file transfers between Claire’s and their partners.


By implementing best practices, Accellor successfully streamlined the partner onboarding process, enabling the Claire’s team to shift their focus to strategic initiatives. With the potential to onboard numerous additional partners, a well-established framework is now in place for expedited onboarding. Considering the possibility of leveraging industry-best technologies like EDI in the future, Claire’s has a solid platform for expanding their partner network.

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