Retail Re-imagined - Microsoft Synchronized Shopping Experience

Finding a perfect PC or a gadget can be the result of a lengthy process of online research and hands-on experience in stores. Although online and in-store shopping experiences are related, they are often disconnected. Synchronized online and in-store shopping powered by Microsoft Technologies provides a new intelligent edge solution that connects a customer’s online search to the in-store experience of identifying, connecting, comparing and ultimately buying the perfect laptop, device or related software.

80% of customers start their journey online; but while retailers do a good job of creating thoughtful in-store and online user journeys to engage customers to buy their products, the customer experience is disconnected when a customer searches for and selects a device online and then walks into a store to try out the device before purchasing it. That device may not be available on display at that store location and other devices in that store might seem equally striking leading to confusion and not closing the sale.Advanced specs and compelling new features tend to remain hidden unless the customer is assisted by a knowledgeable sales professional. With a truly dizzying array of devices and gadgets now available, customers struggle with choice paralysis: they’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available to them. Not only is there a large range available, but each device also comes with its own combination of specifications and features. What these shoppers need is a guided and connected online and in-store shopping experience to narrow down choices quickly, find the perfect device and complete the buying process.


With the Microsoft Synchronized Shopping Solution, customers have an easy, self-guided shopping experience connecting both online and in-store journeys through their smartphone.Customers can take a small quiz online that enables a conversational A.I. driven product advisor to tailor recommendations and show them retail locations in which the product is available. Customers can then download a QR code, and once they reach the store, their smartphones will guide them to their selected device(s) and enable a hands-on experience with device features.Their press release talks further about our solutionThere's more on what we do with Microsoft.


• Extend the user engagement from online visit to a physical store visit by storing device preferences in user’s smartphone and guiding the user in finding those devices in a store.• Real-time interaction with devices in store from shoppers’ smartphones to identify devices that match their requirements.• Seamless retailer integration to connect online inventory with device availability in stores.• Ultimate goal is to reduce online cart abandonment & increase the conversion.

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