Increasing speed of customer onboarding and provisioning on Zenefits platform

Zenefits is an industry leading cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) company providing an all-in-one platform for HR, Benefits and Payroll, geared specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. As part of their digital transformation initiative, they engaged Accellor to streamline their business processes. The focus of the engagement was to enable touchless provisioning and onboarding of clients on the Zenefits platform.

Customer onboarding was taking a considerable amount on the Zenefits platform. From contract sign off to activating the service for a customer, Zenefits had quite a few process hand-offs. Data was distributed across systems and therefore the provisioning process often required manual intervention. A comprehensive view of workload and task management of the specialist teams was much needed.


Accellor developed a unified provisioning application on Salesforce, bringing in all the business processes and data into one system. This system streamlined assignment, management, tracking and reporting of all provisioning activities for client onboarding. A real-time view of all projects tracks the team’s efficiency in completing the tasks.Salesforce Process builder flows and workflows and the auto-assignment of tasks were exclusively used to design the application and streamline the business processes.

We found the combination of strong business guidance from our side, coupled with the technical leadership and delivery on the Accellor side to be a successful framework. The team was dedicated to understanding our business needs, and constantly thought two steps ahead. It was a pleasure to work with the Accellor team.

Sarah Trott
Director of Business Operations

• Reduction in customer churn.• Increased efficiency - 80% faster onboarding.• Single source of truth for all data.• Real-time reports and analytics.

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