March 15, 2022

Your Growth at Accellor

Growth is the shared goal for organizations and employees to achieve. For organizations, growth brings profits, customers, and brand visibility besides increasing efficiency of operations and the stability to withstand market fluctuations. For an employee, the organizational growth translates into personal career growth with increased responsibility and greater diversity of work profile.

At Accellor, we recognize that people have tremendous potential, and a little support from us can help them come out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. We provide our employees avenues of growth through continuous learning, coaching, and mentoring, and opportunities to upskill and reskill themselves. We believe that growth through this method is sustainable and creates success for the employee and the organization.

How does this approach to career growth create value for the employees at Accellor?

Ongoing learning for growth

Ongoing learning is at the heart of our philosophy. It has been cultured through a systematic process, starting with our Corporate Commitment to change. We recognize the needs of our employees as learners and create visibility of time and financial support to help them achieve their learning needs.

We make conscious efforts to align the organizational goals and values with employees' expectations. We combine traditional learning processes with informal activities to help them apply their skills and knowledge. Commitment, along with the identification of competency and skill gaps through employee and manager feedback, gives the learning model a thrust. Additionally, necessary soft skills, which are drivers of outstanding performance and business successes like teamwork, creative thinking, and complex reasoning, are factored into the learning models for employees. With fast-moving technology, the necessary provision to sharpen technical skills and upgrade and certify knowledge is provided to employees as per their inputs and requirements. It broadens individual skill sets and creates an exceptional talent pool within the organization.

Mentoring for growth

At Accellor we believe that mentoring is critical to driving employee engagement and growth. Coaching and mentoring happen through all levels of the organization to enhance collaboration and support each other’s growth. We recognize that this also increases the organization’s agility and flexibility for any complex problem-solving.

The mentors at Accellor are smart managers with hardcore technical and domain knowledge. Being mentored by them gives the teams invaluable opportunities to mirror their skills and learn from the vast tacit knowledge they possess. Besides technology, every member of the team gets to learn client management, problem-solving, and team working methods, which are necessary for anyone who aspires to have a prosperous career in the industry.

Extensive interactions with mentors drive the mentees to apply the acquired learning and skills to execute daily project tasks, making the outcomes of learning visible to them. This sustainable model that we follow at Accellor has helped in the creation of a growth mindset and transformational learning across the organization.

Implementing cutting-edge technology for growth

Today, technology is changing and evolving faster than ever. Possibilities that were unimagined just a few years ago have become a norm today. As a futuristic and agile organization, we help our customers benefit from such cutting-edge technologies and innovations. For our people who implement these technologies, it is an enriching experience. Developing products using emerging technologies gives a boost to their careers in terms of growth and skills.

Whenever required, we organize training for specific technologies for the teams. Through such training programs, teams upgrade their technical skills and then use those in project implementation. This builds their expertise on the technology faster and better.

Growth through engagement and creative challenges

Especially in today’s hybrid work environment, the importance of employee engagement cannot be emphasized more. The leadership teams at Accellor make conscious efforts to foster it through innovative work and knowledge sharing. Our culture of curiosity and innovation also helps in driving employee engagement. Employees are bold, confident, and curious pushing the boundaries of creativity knowing that they have a supportive environment at Accellor. The feeling of fulfillment and engagement at work drives employee loyalty and alignment to organizational growth.

Employees at Accellor experience intellectual, emotional growth as well as physical well-being. They return to the workplace every day with enthusiasm, which comes from knowing that they are respected and valued. Every employee knows that they will have career growth and aspire to do their best with consistent learning and improvement. The workplace at Accellor is a much sought-after one in today’s impersonal and fast-moving industry.

Be a part of this learning and growing environment to fulfill your ambitions in career growth!

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