Modernizing document management for wealth management advisors

Plancorp, a registered investment advisor commissioned Accellor to simplify their document management process. The objective was to improve advisor productivity by streamlining the document creation, storage, and retrieval process during customer interactions.

Over the years Plancorp built a document management system to store different types of documents- Compliance, Marketing, Policy, and Client specific artifacts. This was built using Worldox. The system had a complex folder structure with category hierarchy and filters to manage document storage and retrieval.Due to the extensive customization, the system became inefficient and cumbersome to use for Plancorp’s wealth advisors. Moreover, the user interface was not intuitive to embed in Salesforce.


Accellor collaborated with Plancorp to design an intuitive and simple file management structure in BOX. Automation scripts were developed to create folder hierarchy and map the account records to the right folders. Referential integrity between the legacy system (Worldox), target system (BOX) and the account data in Salesforce had to be maintained.Approximately 300GB data was migrated over a weekend to Box and linked back to Salesforce accounts. Access control to read and edit files was based on the user's Salesforce profile. With data security and compliance as core tenets, features like authentication, audit trails, file level security, versioning, and segmentation were implemented as per business rules.Document management is now an integral part of Plancorp’s Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. With zero downtime for the users, and an integrated user experience within the Salesforce, the transition was seamless!


While operational costs were reduced by >60%, the real advantage was realized in advisor productivity gains. An intuitive design and access to the right document at the account and record level made the most positive impact.

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